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Electro Lymphatic Therapy

In Europe, the preventative health community has studied lymphatics for more than a century. Health professionals understand the function of the lymphatic system. Research into the cause of many chronic illnesses has proven that lymphatic obstructions that result in a sluggish condition in the lymphatic system, also called lymphatic congestion, impede the body's ability to heal itself due to the build up of toxins and waste.

The lymphatic system is a vast sewage network that carries cellular debris from the body, and is a key to healthy immune function. Made up of nodes, tonsils, spleen, thymus gland, lymphocytes, lymph fluid and capillaries, it's like a team of garbage collectors, filtering out, gathering up and taking out all the unnecessary trash we accumulate in everyday life. According to G. Simon de Montfort, inventor of Electro Lymphatic Therapy (ELT), if trash, or toxins, accumulate, the lymphatic system becomes stagnant, creating the perfect environment for disease to set in. De Montfort says that a clogged lymphatic network means a congested blood system as well: the waste of the blood cells has nowhere to go, and cells cannot do their job properly when there's garbage in the way.

ELT is said to be effective for a wide variety of conditions, ranging from cellulite and sinus problems to TMJ, asthma and muscle pains, as well as many ailments that don't respond well to conventional treatments, such as fibromyalgia, cysts, fibroids and colitis. Both the lymph and circulatory systems cover the entire body and can greatly affect many of its functions when there are obstructions in the flow of these important body fluids. It is important to keep these fluids moving properly to ensure that oxygen and other nutrients reach the tissues through the circulatory system and for the wastes to be carried away from the tissues via the lymphatic system.

While the circulatory system has the heart to move the blood, the lymph moves by muscle contraction and the effect of breathing on the thoracic duct.

Factors contributing to lymph congestion include injuries, immobility, poor diet, dehydration, pathogens, inactivity, surgery, stress, hormone imbalances, environmental toxins and the normal aging process.

The purpose of this Electro-Lymphatic Therapy (ELT) device is to increase the flow of fluids in the body, namely the blood and lymph. It does this primarily by improving the pressure differential between the blood and lymph, which allows oxygen, nutrients, hormones and other necessary substances to flow from the blood into the cell bed. Movement of body fluids is essential for health at a cellular level.

How does it work? Based on the principles of Quantum Physics, the ELT device essentially works by producing an energy field that is applied to the surface of the skin. The energy moves through the tissue and knocks electrons off the cells in the body fluids creating a negative charge which moves these cells into the fluids flowing through blood and lymph channels. It breaks up waste stored in the tissues, improving the immune system.

This energy field induces a flow of fluids thus relaxing muscles and relieving tension. An expansion is created in order to allow fluids to flow freely. Creating this expansion also opens the way for the body to provide nutrients to areas previously deprived and this encourages the healing process.

Most circulatory problems that people have lie in the capillaries. This is where cells are fed the necessary oxygen, nutrients and hormones the body needs to work efficiently. Along the capillary pathway these nutrients penetrate into the tissue bed. Similarly, waste products in the cell bed move into the lymph pathway.

During a session, you'll first be interviewed for any health complaints, then you'll lie down on a massage table. Our practitioner will apply the head of the ELT instrument directly to your skin to stimulate the lymphatic system. It is best if you are clean showered and don't have any body lotion, make up or deodorant on your skin. For more information, see our ELT FAQ's page under Services.


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