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Electro Lymphatic Therapy - FAQs

Is ELT a form of massage therapy?
Not really, however as the energy field is applied to the surface of the skin, a form of massage pushes the fluids to move toward the subclavian vein. The lymph system is a series of pathways and these pathways must be followed in the proper order for the therapy to be successful.

Is it safe for children and the elderly to have ELT?
Yes. Of course it depends on the condition of the person receiving the therapy as to whether it is appropriate or not.

Are there any side effects from ELT?

It is probably the safest and least likely to have any side effects of any therapy that has a major effect on bodily function. The most common side effect is from doing a session on a toxic person too rapidly for them to handle the waste being dumped from the system. The solution to this is starting out with a limited area to see how the person can handle the waste disposal, reflecting how well their liver functions. It always helps to drink plenty of good quality water to help flush out the toxins.

How long does the effect of one ELT session last?
It depends upon the condition of the person receiving the therapy. It is also important to understand the origins of the particular condition. Generally speaking, once the lymph system has been cleared, then it can maintain itself with the help of all the correct lifestyle habits.

What important preparations are needed prior to a session?
The main preparation is not to wear any chemicals such as deodorants, body lotion or make up. It is best to come to your appointment clean showered.

I am a very sweaty person - will that interfere with a session?
It will not interfere so long as the therapist has a towel and consistently dries the area to be treated.

How often is it recommended to have an ELT session?
It depends on the condition and toxicity of the client. Generally speaking, two or three sessions per week is common.

Is it possible to have too many sessions?
Not necessarily. On occasions clients have been seen with specific conditions every day. On a few rare instances, clients have been seen two or three times a day.

What should I be doing in between sessions to help myself?
It helps to massage and move lymph in the proper direction. Also drinking plenty of water is important and be aware of your dietary habits. A good healthy intake of food can make a big difference.

Would you recommend having an ELT session before or after any surgery?
There may be good reasons for you to have these sessions before surgery. However, after surgery your body needs to have time to heal. It takes at least a week after surgery to be past the safe period for triggering any hemorrhage from the surgery site, so we would recommend waiting for at least a week or 10 days after surgery before recommencing any ELT sessions.

How is this therapy different from manual lymphatic drainage?
There is no comparison. Unlike manual lymphatic drainage, the energy field delivered by this ELT instrument instantly removes the obstruction to the flow of lymph by dissociating the components causing this obstruction. On an effectiveness scale of 1 - 10, manual lymphatic drainage works up to a 4 or 5 on this scale. ELT therapy, however rates between an 8 or 9 on this scale.

If I have had all my lymph nodes removed from my axilla (armpit) following breast cancer, is it harmful to have ELT?
No, we can use ELT in fact to relocate a pathway to bypass that area so that one can avoid post surgery lymphedema.

If I have large lymph nodes in my neck on both sides - would I benefit from this therapy?
This depends on whether this is acute or chronic and the cause of these enlarged nodes, but generally speaking yes, this therapy is helpful because it dissociates the obstructions in the lymph nodes. In these cases we would urge you to seek pre-approval from your medical doctor.

Is it possible to have ELT sessions directly on the face for rejuvenation?
Yes. When you do this you have the possibility of removing wastes from the tissue and bringing healthy blood and nutrients to the tissue which has the potential for making that area youthful.

Why is it important to work on the upper body, when I have problems with fluid retention in my lower body?
There are important pathways for the lymphatic system in the body to which you must follow in order for the sessions to work properly. It is important to start by opening up the area underneath the clavicle which is where the main drainage of the lymphatic system begins. From that point go to the next main junction which would be the axilla, (armpit) abdomen and inguinal areas before treating the lower parts of the body. You must then always go back to the upper trunk area and make sure that as you move the fluids back, you do not bring about further blockages otherwise the therapy will not work properly.


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