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#5 - Sandra & Dusty

In April of 2017, Dusty and I began a brand-new health journey to restructure our lives. I had no energy or stamina and generally just didn't feel good anytime. I wasn't sleeping well and if I did sleep I wasn't resting. It was a vicious cycle. I was on Lipitor for high cholesterol and taking pills for sleeping at night. Dusty was on three different diabetes medications and two blood pressure meds. His blood sugars were out of control and he was about to have to begin injections. He was miserable, also. 😩

Now, Dusty has lost 60 pounds and I'm down 15. We feel amazing!!! We recently celebrated our 46th anniversary and bought kayaks for each other. How great is that? We are 68 and 64 and now kayaking and loving it. We feel great and have so much energy. Dusty is off all diabetes and blood pressure medications. His blood sugars are normal. My levels are normal, so I don't have to take Lipitor anymore. My sleeping is better so I'm off the sleeping meds also which is a huge victory for me. This has been a miracle for us and we thank God for what has happened in our lives. We are seeing all kinds of wonderful, positive benefits from this decision to take control of our health."

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