Colonic Promo Videos

#3 - Josh

"Most of you know, as we get older it's harder to stay in shape. Let's face it, our metabolism doesn't really work as hard as it used to. I was looking to get back in shape and several friends raved about this program, so I figured I'd try it out. Within the first 2 weeks I had more energy and was sleeping better, not to mention I had lost 22 pounds. After 30 days into the program, I've lost a total of 39 pounds!" Josh wanted to make a change and take back his life and that he did!!! With the support of his health coach, he was able to do this in a very short time without hours and hours in the gym. Now, he’s helping others do the same too!! We love fitness but for the person who is feeling stuck, Program works amazing!!!! We know because we are experiencing it daily!

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