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#4 - Lisa

I am 71 and I am getting my life and health back. I started a journey 2 years ago to find a diet that would lower my cholesterol naturally. My dad died two weeks before his 59th birthday. My older brother had 5 bypasses in his mid-sixties. My middle brother survived a heart attack 2 years ago. My youngest brother is on statins. My son has high cholesterol and he is very fit. We have genetically high cholesterol and die from heart disease. My story is a lot longer but not for here right now. My research led me to become vegan. I ate a very fat-free diet, to an extreme. I lost 30 pounds but my cholesterol remained high, 254. Then my daughter-in-law found a program and lost over 60 pounds, no longer diabetic and lowered her cholesterol to 140 without drugs. I decided to give it a try. Within 6 weeks my cholesterol dropped to 170. That’s the first time in my life it went below 200, even as a teen. I have lost 16 more pounds and gone from size 18 to size 8-10. My BMI is 23-24. Never ever in my life have I achieved this before. This health program is in my life forever. I am learning to eat for health and vitality. I feel 30 years younger. Oh, and my fit son is on it too and finally lowering his cholesterol. NO DRUGS!

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