Colonic Promo Videos

#6 - Amanda

One year ago this month I was so depressed and couldn't stand to look at myself in the mirror! I lost interest in going out and shopping because I hated trying clothes on in the dressing room and feeling defeated. I didn't like the person my choices had allowed me to become. I decided enough was enough and I was going to take the opportunity presented to me. After being introduced to this amazing plan, my husband and I made the decision to go ALL IN to see if could work for us...AND IT DID!! I have lost 32 pounds and my husband lost 50 pounds and we feel like teenagers again! I am wearing clothes I never thought I would be in after having 3 kids and guess what...I LOVE SHOPPING again 🤗 I feel AMAZING, have energy to keep up with my 3 toddler boys, getting healthy physically and mentally, and loving myself!!!!! I credit our success to this life changing health plan, staying connected to our health coaches (WHO ROCK BY THE WAY) and the community support we've received has made all the difference in making this a lifestyle change for us! We will never go back!

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