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Steve P.

Dallas, TX

Dawn T.

Arlington, TX

"Small, very well run family business. The place is kept immaculate and the handling of scheduling is excellent. The staff is very knowledgeable, courteous and friendly. Convenient location with good parking. I have been going for 3 years and have always been very happy with the staff and the service. I would not hesitate recommending the Dallas Colon Care Center to friends or family. Excellent!"

"I've been going to Dallas Colon Care for 2 yrs. and always have been treated with the utmost respect. The staff is very friendly and the facility is VERY clean. I was on pain meds for a long time and needed the colonics to keep me out of the hospital. When I met with Deanna she helped me with home remedies along with colonics to help me along. I have been to another colon specialist and by far they never seemed to know the importance of what they were there for...I've enjoyed the treatment I have received at DCC. Thank You Deanna and Mary for making me feel like I'm special."

Ruth W.

Dallas, TX

"I have been going to Dallas Colon Care for over 5 years.  I can't think of any way it could be better. It is clean, peaceful, never rushed or crowded. The people are professional, yet warm, friendly, and caring. They will help/advise as needed, or leave you alone with complete privacy according to one's preference.  Why colonics?  A monthly colonic is part of good health care/self care. It's like getting a facial is good for your skin!  Colonics cleanse one's body deeply and leave one feeling great. Then, colonics are great when digestive function is disturbed from medications, travel, illness, surgery, pregnancy/ childbirth, or stress. A colonic rids the body of toxins in a way nothing else can, and can "reset" or restore natural bowel function. It is much more effective and much more natural than laxatives."

Anna H.

Dallas, TX

"I have been going to DCCC for almost 2 years now to use their infrared sauna. I was exposed to toxic mold and became deathly sick. One of my treatment regimens was to sauna 2-3 times per week to help my body rid the toxins. Their facility is perfectly clean and convenient with a shower in the same private room as the sauna. The environment is very comfortable and the staff AWESOME. They have been so friendly and helpful and supportive during that very difficult time. I am happy to say that I have recovered and I give my sauna treatments a lot of the credit. I still go once a week to keep my body clean of toxins. I would recommend the sauna for anyone, whether they have a chronic illness or just looking for optimal health!"


Randy B.

Frisco, TX

Nance B.

McKinney, TX

"I have had AWESOME service @ Dallas Colon Care. I have been regularly practicing health with colonic therapy since 1996. In fact, I can honestly state that I am one of the very 1st clients DCC has had since opening. I'm a Stone Contractor that does business world wide & supplies stone to 5 star resorts. I have had the privilege to enjoy many of these resorts spa services in many countries. Never have I had a poor or unprofessional experience at DCC. The staff @ DCC is very knowledgeable, professional and courteous. In fact, I've had extensive experience specifically in colonic spas in Fiji, Italy, France & Germany; by far Deanna Asencio raises the bar for hygienic, professional knowledge based care. I always look forward to coming home to DCC & sharing my experience with Deanna. After a 3 week Blood Cleanse in FIJI, I was eager to tell her that one of her staff had trained with the Director of the Namale Spa in FIJI."

Google User

"I went in last week for my very first experience with this type of treatment and it was not what I would call a "good time" but it did produce the results I desired and Deanna was absolutely the best to deal with. I found Deanna willing to spend as much time with me as I required, even though she was busy. I have never had an issue with regular BM's but it was a part of an overall cleanse and I will do another in the future. When it comes to dealing with our colon the whole things puts me off and how she does it and with a smile, I have no idea. The facility was very comfortable and professional and I would recommend it to anyone seeking such services. I consider the prices very reasonable and appreciate Deanna's ability to answer all of my questions and make me so comfortable during such an unusual (for me) treatment. I also did the Aqua Chi for my feet and the results have been excellent!"

Google User

"I've been a client of Dallas Colon Care since April 2008 and fully intend to remain loyal to this office. Why? 100% Satisfaction! I have enjoyed a variety of services at Dallas Colon Care Center and I highly recommend this establishment to everyone. I personally travel 60 miles (each way) to visit what I consider to be an extremely professional and knowledgeable staff. During my appointments, I receive a high quality level of service that only enhances my experience. The environment is professional yet relaxed and friendly. Each client's privacy and comfort is their primary concern. Upon my initial visit, every aspect of the procedure was thoroughly explained and my questions were completely addressed. My colonic was gentle, painless, and very effective having followed up with a second appointment within 48 hours as was suggested. For those of you who are new to colon hydrotherapy, you should know there's a difference between the "open" and "closed" systems and the procedure. Having personally experienced them both, for various reasons, I much prefer the "open" system used by the Dallas Colon Care Center. So when choosing an office, be informed and do a little research. I feel certain you'll be more than pleased with Dallas Colon Care Center's staff, service, and commitment to excellence."


"I have been a faithful customer at Dallas Colon Care Center for several years. Deanna and her staff of professionals are without question totally dedicated to the health and well being of all individuals who visit the Center! Mary has been my long term therapist.  She is highly qualified in her field and serves each and every client need with her knowledge and skills while extending a personal caring touch that makes the experience second to none. As I have a busy schedule that does not permit me to book my appointments several days out, the staff is always willing to work me in, making it possible for me to visit the Center regularly. The facility is very clean and the decor is spa-like.  I have had the opportunity of visiting other colonic centers throughout the United States.  There is no place quite like Dallas Colon Care Center!!!! I recommend HIGHLY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! MY THANKS TO DEANNA AND HER STAFF FOR TAKING CARE OF MY NEEDS  IN THE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE...."


Anthony F. Colleyville, TX

When I came into Dallas Colon Care Center for the first time, it wasn't my idea, I went on the urging of my wife. I was going to the bathroom once a day, and I was good with that, I didn't think I needed colonics. But at her insistence, I did not only 1 colonic, but a series of 6 that we spread out over 4 weeks. According to the ladies there, going to the bathroom once a day was good, but for the amount of food I was eating, I should be going 2-3 times a day. I was nervous getting started, but Deanna was very patient and supportive and was there when I needed her to be. I was probably her toughest client.  The first 4 sessions were okay, a bit crampy, and I didn't really feel any different afterwards, but my wife and Deanna insisted I continue to get the best results. I eat very clean today, but I didn't always. I used to drink more Dr. Pepper than water, if you know what I mean. I came in for the 5th session, and I don't know what happened, but it was like the flood gates opened. In the 45 minutes I was on the table, I had not 1 bit of clear water, it was muddy, murky water the entire time. I got off the table at the end of the session and felt so clean, it was almost as if I could breathe deeper, my colon felt that empty. That next day, like turning on a light switch I started going to the bathroom twice a day. I couldn't believe a procedure that just puts water in my colon could effect me so much.  I am now a believer, and do colonics 2-3 times a year for maintenance. Everyone at Dallas Colon Care Center is very kind and attentive, and the place is always clean and well maintained.

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"I have been going to the Dallas Colon Care Center for several years. At the beginning I was very nervous but she was very professional and answered any questions I had and was very knowledgeable. The procedure is very easy and painless. If you need anything she is just a push of a button away. I would highly recommend this place. I definitely will be a long time client."


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